The Glass Bead Game Revisited


The Glass Bead Game Revisited: Weaving emergent dynamics with the MES methodology

The Glass Bead platform aims at “navigating between heterogeneous and increasingly specialized epistemic sites” and constructing “the conditions for universal transits that transform the sites between which they operate.” It borrows its name from the Glass Bead Game (GBG) presented in the book Magister Ludi by Hermann Hesse (1943) as embodying “the ideal goal of universitas litterarum.”

The aim of this article is to discuss this reference by answering the following questions:

(i) In which sense is the GBG “creative” and is it compatible with the Glass Bead platform’s project?
(ii) If not, can we invent a “Revisited GBG” (RGBG) to achieve the platform’s creative objectives?
(iii) What could we learn from such an RGBG in terms of transdisciplinary research?

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