3 slides: smartphones: 2 billion PocketLabs to hack science education

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Presentation at Paris Assembly 2015


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A propos Joel Chevrier

Joël Chevrier (1960)
Professor of Physics at the University Joseph Fourier (UJF) of Grenoble (1998-…).

Low Cost High Tech: Technology based innovations in introduction of people to science
Major present interest as a teacher is the use of new instruments and new technologies to introduce a broad audience to science and technology.
A second important interest is how to introduce non-scientists to science representation and exploration of the world.

Science, Technology and Design: The factory of contemporary world

Arts and Science:
« Une des fonctions de l’art est la relecture permanente de la réalité. » G. Penone

My research activity as a physicist in the last 10 years has been related to force measurement at nanoscale.
This experimental work is based on building new machines.
Major subjects as shown by publications have been:
– Study of the mechanical effects of vacuum quantum fluctuations: the Casimir effect
– Measurement of the heat transfer in vacuum in the near field regime: twin brother of the previous question
– Now: Mechanical properties of living materials at nano scales

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